Eating for your Run

by Amy Malpass Hahn

We agree. There really is nothing better than a well-deserved burger and fries after a gruelling run. But, have you ever thought that your body might be crying out for something a little more … Nutritious?

Whether you’re training for the RBC Race for the Kids, or are simply going about your daily workouts, you need physical and mental stamina to keep you going. The easiest way to stay on track? By fuelling your body with what it needs. Here are some of our go-to snacks that will make sure you get the most out of your runs. 


Before a run

Two to four hours before your workout, have a light meal that’s high in good carbs, moderate in easy to digest proteins, and low in sugar. For breakfast, this might be wholegrain toast with nut butter, or for lunch, you could opt for sourdough bread with two poached eggs and avocado.


On the day

Your best bet for a race day is to load up with a smoothie packed full of all the goodness you need. Spinach, banana, nut butter, avocado, pea protein powder and coconut water is a sure-fire winner to help your muscles and your performance. It’s also important that you don’t try anything new on a race day. You want to be fuelling up with foods you know your system can tolerate, so you’re not experiencing unexpected bloating or stomach cramps.


After a run

Experts agree that following your run, you should head straight for the protein, with fish, nuts, Greek yogurt and eggs being firm favourites. If you’re getting technical, opt for 15 to 25 grams of protein an hour after you finish your workout. Salmon is a true superfood in this regard, as it will provide you with a large dose of protein, as well as anti-inflammatory omega 3s to rebuild your muscles.


Of course, you’d be normal to expect a few cravings after a run that can’t quite be satisfied with a piece of salmon. You’ll also want to replenish your glucose stores with carbohydrates, as well as the fluids and electrolytes you lost through sweat. So, drink up, and perhaps indulge in a serving of sweet potato fries to satisfy those well-earned cravings.