The Boy from Dubbo who Raised $7000 

Jackson Fleeton from Dubbo is an inspiring boy who was the top individual fundraiser for the RBC Race for the Kids 2018 campaign, after raising over $7,000 himself.

He is only 12 years old but has already dealt with a lifetime of adversity. Jackson suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, which means that the left and right sides of his brain are not connected.  Everyday tasks like writing, simple maths or verbal communication can be very difficult for Jackson.

Additionally, Jackson has Motor Sensory Neuropathy which has resulted in the degeneration of the nerves in his legs, making walking and running quite a struggle. He had major surgery on his legs 12 months ago in the hope of decreasing the degenerative process, but it is likely that eventually he will be confined to a wheelchair.

Jackson lives in Dubbo with his Mum, Cher, Dad, Craig, and three siblings. With ongoing doctor’s consultations Jackson and his family have spent a lot of time in Sydney throughout his life, staying at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney (RMHCS). When Jackson heard about the RBC Race for the Kids event and that RMHCS is the fundraising beneficiary, he was excited to take part and complete the race remotely with his family and friends.

“While staying at RMHCS, I have made friends with many other kids, like some who have to stay at the House for months and months. Because of this, I wanted to take part in the RBC Race for the Kids charity run. I knew it would be hard for me because of my disorder, but I didn't mind - I wanted to help create a better House for families like mine who rely upon RMHCS” comments Jackson.

"Mum helped me raise the money by putting some information and links on her Facebook. When I saw people I know, I would tell them I was doing a walk to raise money for Ronald McDonald House and asked them if they wanted to help. Some people even asked when I was walking so they could come with me. My school let everyone know at assembly I was doing the walk and my old primary school also did a mufti day fundraiser for me."

"I was able to get so much money because people like my smile and because people know how hard it is for me to walk with my sore legs. I was so happy that I raised that much money."

What an inspiration! 

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