Make your Morning Workout Happen

by Amy Malpass Hahn

If your fingers are more acquainted with the snooze button than your feet are with the pavement, you might need a little dose of morning workout motivation. We all know that working out in the AM is beneficial for our days. Not only does it mean we’ll actually get it done (no work or family excuses to blame), it also sets us up for the day ahead in the best way possible.


So how can we increase the likelihood of making a sunrise sweat session happen? Here are some tips.


Get inspired

Remember why you started. Whether it’s a post-it note on top of your workout gear, or setting your alarm with an inspiring message, you’re much more likely to get up for a run if your original motivation is there. Approach your workout – and your day – with energy, and you’ll see how the day meets you back.


Stop the excuses

As tempting as an extra half an hour might be, will 30 more minutes of sleep really make you feel notably more bright-eyed and refreshed? Unlikely. You’re more inclined to be energised and ready to take on your day after a workout than you will after a broken-up snooze sesh.


Consider the rest of your day

Once you’ve done your run for the day, you’ll be in a great headspace to tackle whatever else comes at you. Kids whinging? Boss complaining? If you’ve started your day with a run, you’ve already experienced self-care, alone time, and have shown yourself that you’re committed to your goals. In other words, let the challenges come.


Change your approach

If you’ve ever said “have to,” it’s time to switch that up to, “get to.” Of course – there are plenty of times when we’d all rather stay in bed than workout. But acknowledging the privilege we have in being able to move our bodies, makes it much easier to make it happen. Gratitude, here we come!



When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So, the night before your run, check out the weather forecast, lay out the right clothes and get your headphones ready. With a little bit of forward planning, you eliminate the likelihood of opting for a snooze.


Remember your why

You’re training for a pretty important run, and chances are, you have some great reasons for doing so. Knowing why you started – and what you’re doing this for – makes it all the more likely that you’ll bounce out of bed to train.


Enlist a friend

If all else fails, call on a friend to train with. When you know you have someone else to be accountable to, you’re more likely to show up and make the effort.


So, what does your morning look like tomorrow?